What to Expect in Your Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Initial Consultation:


Prior to your initial consultation, you will receive a welcome email with a link to your unique client portal online where you are required to complete a health questionnaire and a three day food and lifestyle diary which must be completed at least 72 hours prior to your consultation. This is extremely important as it allows time to research and prepare your case prior to your appointment. 

You will be able to view terms of engagement online and will be required to sign your consent prior to the initial appointment to confirm that you are happy with these. 

Your initial consultation will last between 75 to 90 minutes and includes:​

  • ​An outline of the consultation structure and checking paperwork is in place

  • In-depth questioning and discussion of your completed health questionnaire and food/lifestyle diary along with your health goals

  • An explanation of any potential imbalances or nutritional deficiencies that have been identified from prior detailed analysis of your completed paperwork and further questioning during the consultation

  • Notification and explanation of any potential drug nutrient interactions that have been identified with any medications or supplements that you are currently taking

  • Collaboration with you to devise a 'Health and Wellbeing Plan' which will include tailored recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes, a supplement plan and/or functional testing

  • The final plan and relevant educational material and resources will be provided within 2 working days in your secure client portal online (these can be downloaded). 

  • Collaboration or referral to your medical practitioner or other health care professional if deemed necessary and only with your consent

  • Exclusive discounts on professional supplements via the Natural Dispensary

Your initial consultation is often the very beginning of your journey to optimum health as nutritional therapy uses a staged approach, therefore it may take some time before you notice any changes or benefits as your body adapts.


Follow-Up Consultation:

Your follow-up consultation will last between 45 to 60 minutes* and includes:

  • A brief introduction outlining the consultation structure

  • Brief questioning about your previous consultation, discussion of any new symptoms/issues, changes to medications etc and how you got on with your Health and Wellbeing Plan

  • Discussion and interpretation of any test results**, outcome of referral to GP or other health professional

  • Further explanation of potential imbalances or nutritional deficiencies if relevant

  • Collaboration with you to devise a follow up 'Health and Wellbeing Plan'. The final plan and supporting documentation will be provided within 2 working days  in your secure client portal online. 

  • Exclusive discounts on professional supplements via the Natural Dispensary

* with the exception of the flexi follow up package, where you just use the time you need which is taken from the 3 hour allowance

SIBO Eradication Programme:

This programme is aimed at clients who have already been diagnosed with SIBO following a positive breath test. It involves a tailored approach in an aim to eradicate SIBO and prevent or lessen the risk of future relapse. It includes: 

  • One initial consultation including any interpretation or discussion of SIBO results (as above)

  • 4 x follow ups (as above) 

  • Tailored 8-12 week biphasic protocol using a choice of standard, vegan or low histamine diet plan 

  • Antimicrobial therapy for 4-6 weeks and supportive supplements as needed for individual circumstances (please note that the cost of supplements is NOT included in the programme and need to be purchased separately)

  • What Caused My SIBO? form to be completed for practitioner to assess underlying contributory factors which may need support 

  • Lifestyle recommendations as appropriate

  • SIBO Client Information Leaflet in PDF format

  • Downloadable easy-to-follow SIBO biphasic protocols in PDF format

  • 'SIBO Made Simple' paperback book by Phoebe Lapine (optional - RRP £18.99) - useful guide and cookbook to help you on your journey

  • Action plan for reintroduction of foods and healthy eating/lifestyle as maintenance following end of active treatment phase










Supplement review:

Clients are recommended to book a supplement review or discontinue supplements if they have not been seen for follow up within three months to ensure safety and correct dosing. It also enables the practitioner to research any new products that have become available that may be more suitable. A supplement review includes:

  • Telephone review lasting 30-45 minutes

  • In-depth clinical questioning to assess current symptoms, medications and supplements, recent results of tests or investigations, progress with Health & Wellbeing Plan

  • Research into any potential drug nutrient interactions using evidence-based, professional databases

  • Discussion with supplement companies where necessary

  • Bespoke Supplement Plan provided in client portal with clear directions on dosage and use

  • Exclusive discount on supplements available through Natural Dispensary



*Supplements and testing are NOT included in the cost of any consultation and are only recommended/performed if clinically appropriate and in full agreement with the client. The practitioner may make a small commission from functional testing and supplements which is taken instead of charging the client for the time spent discussing the appropriate test/supplement with the company involved and any subsequent interpretation of test results.  

**Verbal interpretation of test results incurs a fee which will be discussed with you prior to ordering. Results are discussed at your follow up appointment along with a copy of the report made available in your client portal. Should you wish to receive a written interpretation, an extra fee will be incurred, the cost depending on the test involved. 

Foreshore Nutrition works in collaboration with Swandoola to provide a UK-based GDPR compliant software to record and store all confidential client information. A client portal provides easy access to view all forthcoming appointments, orders, invoices, files & documents and tracking tools.


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