"Mel was such an approachable professional to talk to, I immediately felt comfortable talking through my past history and exploring symptoms with her...she was very practical about functional testing and without doing every test under the sun she identified some underlying root causes which fit with my clinical history. I’m delighted about my experience with Mel, she has really helped me to feel better, and I’d recommend her to anyone!"

"Very methodical history taking...I really liked how, where possible, solutions are dietary rather than supplemented, although the supplements suggested seem appropriate and worked wonders for my sleep"

"I felt very comfortable talking to Mel about everything...she explains everything very logically"

"Always hard to know what you're going to get with trying to find people online, so I feel lucky that I found you!"

"I really enjoyed the amount of compassion and genuine interest that was expressed... I felt listened to and taken seriously even though my issues were relatively minor"

"I found Melanie to be very professional...calm, grounded and natural"

"I really liked the quality of the handouts and the explanations given to help me understand underlying issues....it's much easier to follow advice when I have an understanding of why I'm being asked to do something"

"Thank you Mel for your support so far. Looking back I can’t quite believe how much has changed, despite the hurdles through lockdown. Working with Melanie I have achieved things I never thought would be possible. Melanie’s holistic approach was really suited for me and together we have managed to jump hurdles towards optimal health. I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with Melanie as we continue to work together"