6 Day Start Afresh Plan

6 Day Start Afresh Plan


Welcome to the 6 Day Start Afresh Plan!


Six days of clean eating to help you start afresh and get you back on track over the summer.
This plan is designed to help you take control and fuel your body with clean, nutrient-dense and delicious food.


Your 6 day meal plan includes a weekly planner with photos, shopping list and nutrient breakdown for each day and each recipe per serving (calories, fat, carbs, fibre, sugar, protein). Recipes include notes on any substitutes or alternatives you could use if you don't have a particular ingredient, storage and other tips. 


Your plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snack options per day. 


Examples of recipes include Burrito Bowl Mason Jar, Blueberry Overnight Oats, Green Apple Cinnamon Smoothie and many more!