Functional Testing

Nutritional Therapists are fully qualified and trained to undertake a wide range of functional tests. 

Conventional medicine primarily deals with symptoms and illness and tests can be undertaken to look for signs of disease. By using functional tests as part of your nutritional therapy programme, we can gain a deeper insight into how your body is functioning by uncovering potential imbalances and discover the root causes of your symptoms or ill health. This personalised approach gives the practitioner a good clinical insight and allows us to provide a uniquely tailored approach to help you reach your goals of optimum health faster. 

Functional tests generally involve samples of breath, saliva, blood, urine or stool. Tests can usually be undertaken in the comfort of your own home with the exception of a blood draw for which you would be referred to a facility to have this taken (an extra fee may apply for this service).

Examples of why testing may be recommended:

  • digestive function & microbiome analysis

  • infections (bacteria, viral or parasitic)

  • food or auto-immune reactivity 

  • intestinal permeability 

  • neurotransmitter markers

  • cortisol response

  • nutrient status and deficiencies

  • hormones (stress, thyroid or reproductive hormones) 

  • metabolic markers

  • toxins

  • markers of immune status

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Click on the links below for examples of some sample reports on stool and hormone testing and a brochure about nutritional testing that could be recommended as part of your protocol


Nutritional supplements are often recommended as part of your tailored plan. 


Clinical research and evidence supports the use of these to support the goal of optimal health, however these should always be considered 'supplemental' as the name suggests and are not a substitute for a well-balanced diet. It may be that these are recommended for a short time to give your body a helping hand whilst it adjusts to any changes that are being introduced to your diet and lifestyle. 

A nutritional therapist is fully qualified and experienced to identify whether or not you may need support with supplements. It is not advisable to take supplements without this expert advice, as great care is taken to ensure that you are receiving a high quality supplement and the dosage appropriate for your specific needs. Nutritional therapists always work within recognised Upper Safe Levels and check for any drug-nutrient interactions to ensure your safety.

There are many supplements available over-the-counter or off-the-shelf, as well as online, which provide an overwhelming variety of products to choose from. It is often the case that the cheaper the product, the more likely it is to contain inferior ingredients and a larger number of excipients which may lessen the absorption of the substance into your body. 

As your Nutritional Therapist, I will be able to recommend the best quality supplements to suit your specific needs and budget. As a client you will receive an exclusive discount should you purchase these through the Natural Dispensary with whom I hold a practitioner account. I have access to practitioner support with several professional supplement companies to discuss client cases where necessary in order to ensure you are receiving the best product for your requirements. 

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